If you are considering nominating someone for either the Australian Security Valour Medal (ASVM) or the Australian Security Medal (ASM), or a Save a Life Award, it is important that you take some time to frame the nomination taking into account criteria that the ASMF Nominations Committee will consider for each category of award.  Using a numerical scale, the Nominations Committee will assess each nomination using the following criteria.


Two classes of medals awarded by the Australian Security Medal Foundation:

The Australian Security Valour Medal (ASVM)

Awarded to recognise security operatives for an outstanding act or acts of valour, which are determined by the Nominations Committee to be action and/or actions demonstrating valour, courage and decisiveness above and beyond ‘the call of duty’.  Every year, security officers around Australia go above and beyond with acts of bravery, putting their lives at risk to save others. These acts often go unrecognised beyond the officer’s company and peers.


Valour is defined as “Exceptional courage in the face of danger i.e. usually involving real and impending threat to life that may be avoided by most others”

1. Was the nominee exposed to a real and impending danger?

2. Was the nominee’s response an outstanding act or acts of valour?

3. Did the act(s) involve exceptional courage?

4. Were actions of the nominee decisive and courageous?

5. Were the actions beyond the call of duty?

The Australian Security Medal (ASM)

Awarded to recognise the outstanding career and character of the recipient. ASM recipients will be those who have demonstrated a consistent, high-level contribution to the wider community, possibly via innovative non-core business activities and projects, or via extraordinary performance in their professional role(s).


1. Has the nominee demonstrated a consistent commitment to the community?

2. Has this commitment been evident over a period of time?

3. Is the commitment considered exceptional compared to others?

4. Is the activity innovative?

5. Does the nominee satisfy outstanding career and character criteria?

Nominations may be submitted by anyone, other than the nominee, such as:

  • A member of the public with direct information relating to the event/incident;
  • Law enforcement, emergency services, government department or judiciary;
  • The nominee’s current or previous manager/employer/colleague; or
  • A credible industry professional or a registered Security Industry Association.

Multiple nominations may be submitted. Australian Security Medal (ASM) nominations, however, can no longer be accepted from employees for their employer or manager.

Nominations must include:

  • For the Australian Security Valour Medal (ASVM): Comprehensive details of the act of bravery in which the person nominated was involved, and the reasons why they should receive special recognition by the award of the Australian Security Valour Medal. Statements from eyewitnesses or other persons associated with the incident should be attached, together with photographs/video of the incident or of the place where it occurred.
  • For the Australian Security Medal (ASM): Comprehensive details of the actions or achievements of the individual and the reasons why they should be considered for special recognition by the award of the Australian Security Medal. Names and addresses of individuals or organisations to which further enquiries can be directed by members of the selection committee.

The St John Save a Life Award

The St John Save a Life Award may be awarded to a person who contributes, through application of first aid skills (e.g. resuscitation, use of a defibrillator, stopping severe bleeding) to saving the life of another person. Whilst calling an ambulance or seeking other medical assistance can contribute to saving the life, these are not regarded as first aid skills for the purpose of this award.


By framing your nomination using the criteria set out above as a guide, you will ensure the best possible objective consideration by the ASMF Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee will determine award recipients based on submissions and other details it may request on a collaborative and consensus basis. Details of the proposed recipients will be presented to the Patron of the ASMF for validation. The decisions of the ASMF and the Patron are final.


ASMF Nomination Criteria

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