Majid Pirmaghami


On the 13th of January this year, the recipient was working as one of two security officers on duty at the Manor Lakes  Shopping Centre in Melbourne when a large group of young men and women descended on the centre.

During an altercation inside one store one male suffered a severe stab would to the upper body. The recipient removed him from the group and provided first-aid treatment in a location away from the hostility. While performing the first aid, the recipient called police and remained on the phone providing updates and information to assist the police response.

The actions of the large group created some panic, and caused most shop owners to undertake a self-imposed lock-down, with staff ushering shoppers and children into their stores and bringing down their roller shutters for shelter.

As the group moved around and used furniture to damage the centre – several people pursued another young male into a store and allegedly assaulted him – while staff and patrons took shelter in the rear of the store.

During the altercation one male allegedly received a stab wound to the chest, and when he fell to the ground outside the store, a large group are believed to have continued kicking and punching the man.

The recipient hurried to that location without hesitation, physically moved many of the men back, grabbed the injured male and dragged him from the pack. He dragged the man the length of several shops while several of the group pursued and continued to kick the man and the recipient.

As their path to a safe corridor was blocked, the recipient then stood the stabbed male up, pinned him to a wall behind him and stood between the group of men and the injured male – fending them off multiple times.

During this time the recipient and the injured male continued to receive kicks and blows, until several shop staff and a second security officer were able to clear enough room for the recipient to drag the stabbed male to safety in a corridor.

As the shop staff blocked the corridor the recipient immediately went to ground and tended first aid to both stabbed males, stemming severe wounds until police and ambulance staff arrived.

In a demonstration of skilled multi-tasking – the recipient remained on the phone to emergency services during the entire 15 minute incident – and while performing first-aid.

On police and ambulance attendance a short time later – the entire centre was closed to assist the investigation, and in the following days more than 8 people were arrested and charged with serious offences.

The ASMF have pleasure in awarding the Australian Security Medal of Valour, and the St.John’s Save-A-Life Award to Security Officer Majid Pirmaghami.