Officer changes young lives and security

At Dandenong Plaza shopping centre, Victoria, gang rivalry and  adverse youth activity were daily occurrences.

Centre management, noticing that Mohammad Mustafa, who has worked as part of the security team at the Plaza for 15 years, had an ability to build relationships with the young people decided to make youth liaison his full-time security role.

Working in plain clothes,  Mustafa maintains strong relationships not only with youth but also local authorities and other stakeholders in the Dandenong area, resulting in reduced tension between all parties, and a dramatic drop in the number of incidents security and police are called to attend.

Engaging with local youth and gangs, Mustafa strives for a resolution to the ongoing issues rather than forcing authority upon them.

It has taken personal courage, commitment and, above all

patience, for  Mustafa  to succeed in creating a safe environment in and around the centre winning him respect across all levels of the organisation and within the local community.

With the support of Dandenong Centre Management and Access Group Solutions, Dandenong Plaza is now setting aside retail space so that young people can learn, practice and share their talent in a range of artistic pursuits.

The Australian Security Medals Foundation is pleased to support Mustafa with $1,000 towards his work.

Take a look at Mr Mustafa’s work: