Security working with youth

Last year we visited Dandenong Plaza to see the work of a Security and Youth Liaison Officer, Mohammed Mustafa, and the changes he was making among youths in the area. Recently we visited again to see the development of a room in the centre for youths to join programs and express their talents, such as music or dancing. The centre has seen improvements among the youths, keeping them off the streets, out of trouble and keeping the community safe.

The collaboration between Access Group Solutions, Dandenong Plaza, GPT Group, Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) Inc, and Youth Liaison Officer, Mohammed Mustafa, is an inspiring example of innovative security solutions by helping youths stay off the streets and out of trouble within the centre.

Dandenong Plaza not only set up a room for the youths to use for music but they build relationships with them and with the help of MMAD, an Australian charity that exists to change young lives through music, the youths at Dandenong now call themselves “One big Mmad family”.

This “Mmad family” has given young kids a place to talk about their feelings and have a sense of belonging. Take a look at Mohammed telling us about some of the workshops, Christmas time at the Plaza and a couple of the kids telling us about how they feel.

It is truly humbling to a visit a place like Dandenong Plaza and seeing first-hand this type of security involvement with the community and the difference it is making.

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